Positivity doesn't mean you're weak.


From a young age I’ve always been a positive person. I love seeing the opportunity in challenging situations, and leaning more into my optimistic nature to get me through. But in all honestly this hasn’t been an easy road to stick to. After high school I quickly noticed positivity wasn’t something most people held in high regard, in fact I was constantly told it was a weakness. Particularly when it came to work and being ‘successful’.


I found when I approached problems or challenging situations with an optimistic perspective it immediately came up against doubt from those around me, and assumptions were made about my character and strengths before they even got to know me. ‘Could someone whose so happy and positive handle herself in tough times? Can she stand up against difficult people? Is she going to be strong enough to lead? Does she know what she’s doing?'


Whereas on the other hand pessimistic people were taken more seriously straight off the bat, being referred to as ‘hardy, capable, and having their head firmly set on their shoulders.’


But the funny thing was, when push came to shove and hardships came down upon us, those who chose to approach their life with positivity were the ones standing strong at the finish line – we were the ones that continued to see possibility and hope when others saw failure.  


Because here’s the thing, positivity like any other behaviour and mindset, is a choice. It’s not about wearing rose-tinted glasses, or refusing to accept the reality of the situation. Positivity is choosing to acknowledge the adversity in front of you, but rather than being pulled downward and into the situation, you focus on what you can do to pull yourself forward and out.  


So, if you’re someone whose naturally positive, but feels as though you have to change to be taken seriously by others, this is my challenge for you.

  • Stop letting people dampen your natural joy and optimism, just because it’s different to their attitude and approach to life.
  • Stop questioning your abilities or strengths, just because others don’t see or appreciate it yet.
  • Stop letting others misunderstanding of your strengths play you small.


TRUST in your choice to radiate positivity, because my lovely when you do you’ll be far more powerful than you give yourself credit for, and the world needs your joy, resilience, and uplifting energy more than ever right now.


"The last of human freedoms is the ability to choose one’s attitude in a given set of circumstances’ – Viktor Frankl


With love,

Sarah x 

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