Dancing my way through hump-day.


Fun Fact: My first profession was dancing.

I grew up dancing every single day, and my all-time favourite was tap. When I danced time disappeared and my mind was quiet. But when my career changed I started dancing less and less. I told myself I didn’t have the time, I was too tired, or that I had other commitments. Eventually it got to the point where I told myself you’ll never be good at that again so that’s that (talk about serious inner critic chat!!).


Through my work as a coach, and being around friends and family from all around the world, I started to tune into conversations around ‘happiness’ and ‘flow’. As I listened, I discovered that many of us have talked ourselves out of doing the things we enjoy – the things that put us in that euphoric state of flow.


What’s stopping us from doing the things that bring us joy?


I believe the biggest thing that is getting in the way of us experiencing joy, is the exact thing that stopped me all those years ago – my FEAR & EGO. You know that little voice that tells you you’re not ‘good enough’, ‘smart enough’, ‘talented enough’ or that you’re just being ‘silly’. That inner voice of fear and ego is a safety mechanism our mind puts in place to protect us from emotional or physical harm, from vulnerability and failure.


By shying away from the activities that open ourselves up to vulnerability we are closing ourselves off from the very part of us that brings a sense of joy, creativity, belonging and love. The very things that help us have a more healthier and fulfilling life.


So with my New Year’s intention to feel more joyful and fearless, I put my tap shoes on for the first time in 9years last night. And. It .Felt. AMAZING!


I wanted to share this thrill with you all this week, and pose a few questions for you to mull over:

  • What were some of your past-time hobbies that brought you joy?
  • Has fear and ego stopped you from bringing these back into your life?
  • If so, what’s one thing you could do this week that would move you closer to that state of flow, and experiencing a slice of that joy?


Have a fabulous week team,

Sarah x

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