Embracing change.


Happy Monday wonderful people, I can’t tell you how excited I am that we are now officially in Spring! I love having sunshine back in my life. Winter is that time of year where we tend to hunker down and put ourselves onto autopilot with a good ol blanket and Netflix. Spring brings this wonderful sense of change; not only is it a change of season but it is the time of year where we tend to make changes to our lives - whether it be in our jobs, our passions, relationships, or our lifestyles and living environments. Now for some people this can be really exciting and energising, but for others it can be the complete opposite – it can be really scary.


Being scared of change is completely normal.


We know that humans are creatures of habit and when things are shaken up it feels a little weird. Change brings about a sense of discomfort which can make us start to question ourselves and our decisions. It is not easy trading up certainty for the unfamiliar and it is why so many people choose to avoid it and stick to what they’ve always done – even if it is making them unhealthy and miserable. The fact is change is inevitable in life, it’s never going to be comfortable, and you will need time to adjust. 


What can we do to look at change as an advantage, and eliminate self-doubt from holding us back?


For me it’s about being curious. Leaning into that sense of discomfort instead of shying away from it. So, if you are experiencing change right now I invite you to sit with the sensation and explore what it brings up for you.

  • Listen to the little voice inside your head, that conveniently pops up when you’re doing something new, and understand where it’s coming from, what is it trying to protect you from?
  • What emotions are bubbling up for you?
  • What is it about the change you are resisting or afraid of? What needs to happen for you to move past these?


By being curious about the situation you will gain insight into the beliefs and values that come into play for you around change. You can assess whether the beliefs you hold are still serving you, or whether you need to adopt new ones to better support you at this time.  By embracing change, however strange it feels, you will develop an internal understanding of the situation; which as a result will support you in adapting to opportunities faster.


The best moments and opportunities in life often require change, and no matter how much we plan there are always going to be unexpected twists and turns.


So be brave, and when change comes around the corner embrace it, welcome it in, and be curious. You’ll be amazed by the possibilities that come your way when you dare to face the unknown.


With love,

Sarah x 

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